Filling Life with Happiness

Happy Wedding PictureA person can survive with Water, Food, and Sheltered environment.  But even with these variables being filled completely, a person is not apt to satisfaction, even under the most ideal conditions.  For example, other  factors might include self-acceptance, purpose, motivation, and gratitude.  The trajectory of happiness can vary depending on each person’s preference, but when happiness does occur, it can be described as “a state of pleasurable emotion.”  Although that is a simple way of putting it because happiness also has a deeper meaning (along with every other concept on Earth!)  Happiness can be learned and adapted throughout a long period of time, or it can emerge upon anyone at any time for temporary fulfillment.  The purpose is to achieve the highest capacity for all types of happiness and engage in full participation.

Many requirements that people often overlook may cause frustration, anger, or anxiety.  Many of these feelings can be fixed by understanding the cause of the frustration, whether it be a temporary or indelible dearth of happiness.  To procure elucidation for this concept of happiness we need to examine Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid


About sodzee

I feel like I'm a kid There's so much I do not know So many people So little time to grow I'm faced with many trials And things I will defeat I'm way to old to cry I hold it inside me Time just seems to fly When every day is different, I speak what's on my mind, I'll always be persistent! -Trevor Lewan
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