How Powerful are You….Really?

Little Me
How powerful do you think you are: at home, before a test, during conflict, accepting guilt, or standing up for a fight?  Sometimes you feel absolutely powerless or stupid and maybe simply less fortunate than others (if you compare your strengths to theirs…!)  We have all felt this way in some form or another.  Some things really seem to reveal how stupid we are!  Lets take a look at the facts and reality behind this deception.

First, I want you to be honest and think about how much more work you might complete on the first day before vacation vs. how much work you get done on the last day of vacation.  Or how about a time when you were given a daunting task that you wish you didn’t have to do, and later find out to your relief that you didn’t have to do it… it was “called off.”  What a great feeling!  All of that tension relieving your body, it feels great doesn’t it!?

Sometimes we belittle ourselves.  We tell ourself that we suck or compare ourselves to others; we wish we were more capable or wish we acquired someone else’s strength.  We need to learn from our mistakes, accept our problems, and teach ourselves some self-discipline!  Read the rest of the article to find out ways to reach this ability!

Use your entire brain power & do not belittle it’s powers!

Conscious mind is 10% while Subconscious is 90%

Our brain has a conscious mind and a subconscious mind.
Our conscious mind is what we are familiar with because it involves the thoughts we are aware of, examples might be: decisions we make, our problem solving skills through reasoning and choice.  The conscious mind only makes up 10% of your brainpower!
The subconscious mind makes up 90% of our brainpower!  It’s the part of the our mind that we never give enough credit to, it holds all the information that we hardwired into our mind throughout the past years.  The subconscious mind controls heartbeat, blinking, and reaction to stimulants.  It’s also how we are able to learn things to a point to where we no longer even need to think about doing it.  Consider your ability to type as you think without looking at the keyboard, or being able to multitask while driving, it wasn’t like this when you first learned these skills was it?  That’s how you might feel in tough times, but remember that the subconscious is there to help if you let it!  These two components of our brain are not separated in their own two pieces, they are linked together as a whole unit!

The two work together like this: the conscious mind is like the captain of the ship, while the sub-conscious mind is like the crew who work for the captain.  Or you can also think of theFunctions of the subconscious mind subconscious mind as the soil which accepts anything planted in it and “who’s in charge of the planting?”   Your conscious mind is!   ….remember, the one you have control over?

So in reality, your conscious mind controls how you will feel.  It’s able to process feelings in a secondhand nature.  Perhaps a stimulant will cause an unwanted feeling to pop up in your head, but your conscious mind has the ability to command those feelings to leave and become abolished or it has the option of not taking any action and letting the thoughts remain.  Just like the captain on the ship might experience dilemma with the crew, he can either stand around and let trauma come or take action to prevent it from occurring.  How much power will you choose to have over your subconscious mind!?  


About sodzee

I feel like I'm a kid There's so much I do not know So many people So little time to grow I'm faced with many trials And things I will defeat I'm way to old to cry I hold it inside me Time just seems to fly When every day is different, I speak what's on my mind, I'll always be persistent! -Trevor Lewan
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