Learn Spanish By Yourself

Learning SpanishSo you are interested in learning spanish!  One of the key points to remember all throughout this goal to keep up with the passion!  Passion-Based Learning offers twice as much as traditional approaches.  I had taken one Spanish class in 6th grade as a summer school class where it took all summer just to learn how to count and say the basic greetings…!  The class basically made me lose interest in learning it (que pena ~what a shame!)    But as I aged a bit, the interest reoccurred!

When I was 16 years old, I was inspired to learn Spanish.  After one spark of interest, I wanted to learn immediately.  I didn’t know how, but I knew I wanted to because I had the passion for it!  This all started in spring when I had my summer off before sophomore year of high school.    After my summer session of learning Spanish by myself was replaced with “back to school madness,” I returned to school as a sophomore and took my first Spanish class: Spanish 1.  This entire class for me was review, I basically sat through the whole thing reading other books during it to keep me from falling asleep because it was all completely review for me.  This lasted all throughout Spanish 1, 2, and partly 3.  I managed to learn, in one summer, up to almost three years of high school leveled Spanish education all by myself!

How ???
I decided I’d create my own method of learning Spanish: I added my own fun, simplistic, organized, and prompt structure to this accretion of knowledge.  I had this passion, and I realized I can have control over it!  I could study how long, wherever I was, and input my own positive attitude into it instead of having other students moaning around me about how they hated this teacher, or complain about the boring, worthless homework!

What I Used to Learn Spanish
So the actual resources I used to learn spanish besides my own ambition was from three sources:

  • a Spanish Video Game (30%)
  • A simple spanish book rented from the library (50%),
  • Free spanish podcasts (10%)

The other 10% would be random things I passed along the way, along with things I learned from my spanish 3 class.  Lets take a look!

My Spanish Coach by Ubisoft
Video Game

My Spanish Coach by UbisoftThis is by far one my favorite source of learning Spanish.  This game is somewhat unpopular, but do not let the status quo get in your way of using this game to your full advantage!   The game is made only for use with the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP (Play Station Portable.)  It is quite a shame it’s not available for computers or better yet: Smartphones!  It is nice to have the option of taking this game with you wherever you are though, just like reading a good book!  I have never tried the PSP version of it and I wouldn’t suggest it either because the Nintendo DS has a touch screen to make the interface much easier to manage.  Although this is a very great game, with tons of benefits (voice, glossary, well structured lessons, and grammar, and vocab) unfortunately it only has limited lessons, so it will not teach you all that there is to know.  In summary: it has very potent, essential information that is extremely useful and welcoming to the beginning of your Spanish education!

You can buy this game at any local Gamestop, or shop on Ebay for it new or used.  It usually only cost about $15 it is well worth it!  If you don’t have a DS or PSP, perhaps you can borrow one from a friend or a kid down the street! 😀

Spanish for Gringos (2nd Edition) Author: William C. Harvey M.S.

Spanish For Gringos

This is one of the most satisfying educational books I read in my life.  For learning Spanish, this book got right to the point.  I began reading it after playing My Spanish Coach game (as described above)  and found this book to be a great compliment to my studies!  This book was absolutely free because I rented it form my library, however, you can also buy it on amazon for about $20.  The book is designed for alternative methods of learning Spanish for a quick and straight-to-the-point approach.  There is no point in learning things you don’t necessarily need to know, like in depth rules of grammar…nonsense!  When a very young child learns to speak a new language, he/she doesn’t study the grammar before they learn to talk!  That should come after, just like Spanish!

Coffee Break Spanish With Mark and Kara.
Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish offers HUNDREDS of Free and FUN podcasts that you can listen to “on your coffee break” with Mark and Kara.  You will find that these podcasts never get boring due to the cheerful and brilliant voices of these two experts from Scotland!  The podcasts do a fabulous job of getting you used to spanish speaking if you devoted enough time into learning Spanish by the book.  It helps with my Spanish interpretation and fluency, especially in the later podcasts when they broadcast “Show Time Spanish!”  Coffee Break Spanish also offers bonus features and lessons, however while those come with a price, all the audio podcasts are free!

To access these podcasts, go to the Coffee Break Spanish Website http://radiolingua.com/shows/spanish/coffee-break-spanish/  If you have a Smartphone you can also access all of the podcasts and download them straight to your phone from the App “Rat Poison.”

I hope you have a great time learning Spanish by yourself!
“Hasta Pronto…Adios!” ~See you soon…Bye!~  😀


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