Education in the USA Not Being Fair?

Education in the United States vs. Other Countries

Education System in the USA

The United States has a very devoted school system compared to other countries. It all began because the Framer of the Constitution wanted all people to be educated so they’d be able to read the bible independently. Eventually, government supported education because they saw it as an asset to the whole community so everyone supported funding through taxes.  Those who support education today can best be fit into the category described by the functionalist theory.

Functionalists view education as an investment, much like the framers of the constitution. Functionalists support learning, along with guidance, norms, competitiveness, and hardworking traits that are learned in school. The viewpoint held by functionalists is grateful for what school has offered and continues to offer children in the USA.  

From the Conflict perspective, education is viewed as a con.  Why?  Some believe that the school system is aimed toward helping only a select few of capable people, particularly the wealthy, more capable students.  The traditional curriculum isn’t to be blamed, but the non-traditional methods of learning are said to teach power and control (to value your success.) This might have a negative effect on especially the lower-class and less capable ones.  

In our newly presented Information Technology stage of history, education is being seen as a requisite for achieving employment. It has been stated that by just having a high school diploma and nothing else can result in poverty in the near future. Education is being viewed as a solution to all social problems, for example: if drug abused is observed, schools teach children the bad effects of drugs.  Though school is a crucial part of young people’s education, it is extremely important (especially for parents) to understand that it has been proven that family is the most prominent means of education for children -most importantly, young children under age four.

The family role is very important because the children usually listen to what their parents have to say about education. It is the primary source of ideas for children; the secondary would be the school’s ideas. The role of the family is to provide ideas to children, expect higher education out of them, and support them in school. My parents were against me attending college, and even high school, they would rather have me home schooled. My older siblings however were the ones to convince me that schooling is good and to not listen to my parents. Children with disadvantaged backgrounds face a lot of trouble because they lack the knowledge of how schools are set up, and also lack the family support that help children do good in school.  It has been observed that two different schools could spend just as much money and time with the students; but one school could have students from poor families and one from rich families and the poorer students will do worse regardless of the school’s attempts.

Is there a solution to this?  –Newer reforms are inducing more charter school opportunities, new national standards, and paying more teachers for better performance. The No Child Left Behind act was supposed to decrease the gap between minority groups who weren’t doing as well in school, this act called for a scheduled test that all students should take to monitor the progress and if the progress isn’t going well, then actions will take place. Government is also funding just to experiment with different programs to help out the education system.


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