One Thing Everyone Wants

How You Can Win Friends & Get Along With Everyone!

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How to Become More Like This Guy

Proven techniques for being that Friendlier Person.  Win Friends and understand everyone’s wants!

If you are a person who wishes to be friendlier and win lots of friends along the way, you have come to the right place!  This article will discuss some basic psychology, dug up and supported by the greatest heros of our country’s history!  This is not a worthless article, everything discussed in here is very valuable and potent information that you can be sure will help you (if you let it) achieve the highest social skills for improvement in business and personal success, and it is free for you to read about!

The one thing everyone wants:

Have you ever thought about what everyone in the world asks for in this life?  What if there is one simple concept that can account for everyone’s desire in emotional stability (including your own!) Well, the answer to this question can be explained by two of the greatest psychologist in history.  According to John Dewey, “the father of functional psychology”:

“The deepest urge in human nature is “the desire to be important”

Importance has many forms, and it’s a personal concept which indicates a feeling of “Self Greatness.”

The famous: Doctor Sigmund Freud, (considered one of the most distinguished psychologists of the twentieth century,) informs us that everything man does springs from two motives:

(1) biological drives and
(2) the desire to be great.

Everyone on Earth craves this self-importance, why else would we have billboards with faces, names, and acknowledgements?  Gravestones are embossed with names and often contain eulogies explaining why that person was important.  People have a craving to be important.  The world is filled up with all kinds of people seeking a feel of importance, some people even go insane from a lack of this feeling.  An interesting verity explained by Dale Carnegie’s research (author of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”) is that there are more patients in the United States suffering from mental problems than all other diseases combined!  Brains of insane patients have been given analysis which revealed that about 50% of them had a perfectly healthy brain on a physical level.  So the insane person’s brain was just as healthy as a normal being (Carnegie p. 22.)  The cause of insanity is a question not yet answered with proof, but many cases reveal stories of sadness resulting in the lack of appreciation or encouragement for these people.

How to give to most to get the most from people

So we know that everyone has the desire to be great.  How can we use this to our advantage when working with people for the benefit of influencing and getting favorable responses? The first principal for achieving this is

Give honest and sincere appreciation.

Keywords here are “honest appreciation.”  We must not mistake flattery with appreciation.  Take a look at this quote:

“Don’t be afraid of enemies who attack you, be afraid of friends who flatter you.” ~General Obregon

Flattery is not formulated with appreciation, it’s a very non-admirable, cheap expression with adverse results.  The person being flattered can usually sense it and become annoyed.  So when you appreciate something, make sure it comes with some meaning and purpose.

Yes, I said the appreciation should also carry purpose.  Appreciation should be used as a tool to bring out the best in someone.  With appreciation should also come encouragement.

How to convince people

Convincing people comes from a powerful principle easily constructed:  “First, arouse in the other person an eager want.  He who can do this has the whole world with him.  He who cannot walks a lonely way.”  If you observe any type of successful sales clerk agent, you will easily notice the stimulation of eager want works very well to sell products that are never as great as they may seem, yet they sell… even to those who can’t necessarily afford it!


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